• Andisiwe Mazibuko - Ntholeng

Ariel- Easy Opening

What is it? washing powder

What we like about it? good value for money, easy to open and store for next use

What makes them different?

  • Cheaper price for a bigger pack

Our Brand story: I went to Woolies the other day to buy some washing powder. This new adult thing I do is I compare prices, because I think smart people are the ones who are price conscious and make the best decisions to get the most value out of their hard earned Rand. And I found that Ariel was cheaper, so I thought, why not try it and see? When I got home, I was pleasantly surprised with the perforated opening it had, so I didn’t have to go looking for a pair of scissors to get to the powder. Although it isn’t resealable (I was hoping it would be similar to the Cadbury choc slabs), it is easy to store and I’m definitely feeling it. And it doesn’t hurt that it provides these benefits whilst still at a good price!

Our Idea revolution: Resealable pack

#Innovation #Packagingthatworks #Easytopen #Washingpowder #1wash #Webuy


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