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Netflorist- they really do deliver

What is it? Online delivery service

What we like about it? easy to use website, easy to find products, excellent service

What makes them different?

  • No hassle

  • Delivery looked like what I chose online

Our Brand story: My mother recently retired from 33 years of teaching and I wanted to celebrate her first day of retirement by sending her flowers. However, I live in Johannesburg and my mother lives in Durban. Normally a friend of mine assists me with deliveries because she also stays in Durban. This involves me depositing money into her account and then she will buy what I ask for and deliver it to my mother’s house. Quite a process. And just my luck, this time round she was unable to assist, so I needed to do what most people do, pay for a delivery service. What a waste of money I thought. But, I have no other choice. So on a Sunday afternoon, I go onto the Netflorist website with knots in my stomach, because I am already expecting the whole process to annoy me, and instead the was pleasantly surprised with the painless and extremely quick and easy process. Leaving my laptop to continue with my day, I was still a bit sceptical because I was thinking, I wonder if they will deliver, let alone deliver on time, so I was not really out of the woods yet, in terms of that knot in my stomach. The following day, I had already forgotten about my sweet gesture to send flowers to my mother. So when I received a wonderful message from a very happy mother, along with a picture that looked exactly like what I had ordered, I was a thrilled. I took it to the streets of Twitter and paid Netflorist a compliment. Whilst it would seem to the unassuming patron that Netflorist did not do anything spectacular, it felt spectacular to me because the entire process, from the online browsing, to the end effect of my chosen flowers being delivered on time, was seamless. Always nice when you get what you pay for AND the convenience of online shopping. I love good service, I love brands who deliver on their promises and I must say, I love Netflorist, keep doing what you do.

Our Idea revolution: add an option for companies to brand the message cards, so if Birth ’n Idea was sending something to their clients, it can be delivered with a branded card?

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