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A Happily ever after kind of story

What is it? A costume hire company

What we like about it? Theatrical and fancy dress costume rental for parties and events. They also sell theatrical and retro novelties and masks; this allows you to own some costumes that you would like to keep.

What makes them different? They have exceptional service and the fact that you can buy the costumes that is unique, most hiring places don’t allow you to buy because they want you to keep coming back.

Our Brand story:

What caught our eye with Sinderella costume hire was the fact that they spell Sinderella with an S, this was something that makes you want to stop and stare, it is smart because it immediately gets your attention. We also love the name because it is true to costumes, Cinderella is one of the Disney princesses, and it is hard to think about Cinderella without thinking about costumes, really smart stuff. Upon engaging with the owners we wanted to plan our own costume part for the office, after all everyone wants an opportunity to reinvent themselves or become their childhood hero for the day. We still have not planned our office party yet but we are popping in there in time for Halloween. One other refreshing discovery we made was that they offer discounts if you have been to their website, so check them out.

Our Idea Revolution: An in-house inbound sewing person who alters costumes for you based on your needs.

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