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Skin tag for your skin

What is it?

Hygienic home treatment for the removal of skin tags

What do we like about it?

Skin tag can be used at home and they use the same method of removing skin tags as dermatologists.

What makes them different?

They are a spray and not a cream; they are advertising letting consumers know of their existence. Many people are walking around with skin tags and believing that they cannot do anything about it, skin; Wardvil Skin Tag removal has come with a solution.

Our brand story:

One of our team members was travelling on Kulula airline, and as they were paging through the Khuluma magazine, the advert spoke to them, which is ironic because Khuluma means speakJ. A skin tag that will remove the tags on your skin, this sounded like an awesome and much needed product. The assumption from our team member was that one needs to see a dermatologist and undergo surgery or some invasive treatment in order to get rid of these little buggers, much to her surprise there was a far easier solution. We must admit that we have not personally tried Helti Q skin tags, but we like the product claims and we are going to be making our first purchase. We figure the odds are pretty good based on some of the big words such as cryotherapy which is that process used by dermatologists, we are only joking of course. Our credibility comes from the fact that Wardvil is already a supplier to the majority of the healthcare industry and medical products are highly regulated so all claims must be proven. The other great advantage is that they are available online and in all Dischem pharmacies.

Our idea innovation:

Having the product available in common beauty spas

To know more about this product, visit their website

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