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Get to know your medicinal products with TrustaTAG

What is it?

TrustaTAG forms a patented system that provides unique 2D barcodes, which enable consumers to use their own mobile phone to simply scan the barcode on a product, carton, or strip pack, and then receive detailed, enhanced information on the specific product in question.

What do we like about it?

It is an offering that provides essential and crucial information to the consumer and the beauty of it is that it accommodates the feature phone user who still cannot afford a smart phone. We love products that have a social conscience and are able to cater to the needs of many South Africans. It is specifically aimed at pharmaceutical products although we understand it is moving into the FMCG space too. Often when a consumer buys or is prescribed a medicinal product they throw away the package insert or the box along with all the direction for use, and the limited information on the actual product doesn’t help much. Also, all too often information especially in the medical space is overwhelming and difficult to understand. In the pharmaceutical space TrustaTAG allows for what is called the Patient Information Leaflet to be displayed in all 11 languages in simple understandable terms.

The beauty of this product is that it allows you to know all the crucial information by simply scanning the product you are buying with your mobile phone. The TrustaTAG system is also able to provide information such as batch numbers, expiry dates, the recommended selling price where appropriate, and customer care lines, poison care lines where applicable. In addition counterfeit/ falsified product checking can be provided to the consumer. Batch recalls can be initiated in real-time directly with consumers and recalls can be restricted only to those batches affected instead of a blanket recall.

What makes them different?

They are able to provide real time information for your specific product, which helps you feel assured that you are taking the product correctly and that you have at your fingertips all the information you possible will need. They have also worked on good insight by using mobile as a tool as just over 42 million South Africans have mobile phones and the number is growing each year. It is a needed product that is easy to use.

Our brand story:

We first found out about TrustaTAG two years ago before the inception of Birth’nidea and have always believed that it is a unique offering that is much needed in making people’s lives better. We absolutely loved the fact that at its core this brand is about keeping consumers informed and empowered.

Our idea innovation: If you could feed information to the TrustaTAG about medicines that you are currently taking and it could inform you of any possible dangers that might occur if you take all that medication at once. It has been our observation that not all pharmacies inquire what other medicines you are currently taking.

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