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Yes or no to Comparative Adverts?

One could say that our advertising is pretty safe; we have regulations such as the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) that regulates pretty much everything consumer related. For pharmaceutical companies there is the marketing code and for the poultry and food industry there is also R146 which covers the accurate and fair labelling of food products. The average consumer does not know about this and it is the marketer’s job to ensure that they find a creative way to market to the consumer regardless of the regulations that may stop them from adding whichever claims fits with the current marketing campaign. The rest of the industry should be happy that they are still allowed to market to their consumer which has not been the case for the tobacco industry. As marketers we often fantasize about how much creative could be oozing out of the creatives if they were allowed to do comparative advertising versus hiding behind innuendos such as “the other brand” tactics. Often the liquid soaps, washing detergent brands as well as banks do the other brand advertising.

We personally love it because it gets people out of their comfort zone and helps the creative stand out from the monotonous adverts that we see out there.

One the comparative ads that we still love is the BMW beat the Benz advert.

Ofcourse we love all the Pepsi vs. Coke adverts, it makes more sense for these brands be a logger heads in the U.S not so much in SA because Coca Cola is obviously the preferred carbonated drink.

If you are in the marketing industry, would you like to see comparative advertising being practiced in South Africa? Do you think it would add value and create true competition or do you believe things are fine just the way they are. Do you have any of your ideas that you would like to share on how to make the marketing and advertising industry more interesting?

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