• Birth'nidea Team

Barbie's Imagine the Possibilities

The world is waking up and deciding that all kinds of beauty should be celebrated and Barbie had moved from being a toy to being a symbol that serves as a reminder of what could be wrong with society. It is undeniable that it has experienced some bad publicity and also facing some competition out there. In an attempt to tun all this around, Barbie has the new advert which we absolutely love! It shows the true meaning of what happens when a child plays with a toy, they enter the magical world of imagination and fantasy, this ad brings this innocent child like depiction of playing with a Barbie Doll.

What we love:

  • Authentic creative of reminding us of our own childhood

  • Potrayal of Barbie as an aid towards imagining big dreams as a child

  • Humourous and oozes cuteness from all angles

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