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Mom's judge each other - that's a fact

Across the different types of research we have done, it has come out clear that mom's judge each other. What is even more interesting is that they are their own worst critic when it comes to raising their children, this is also ironic because when they judge others it is because they feel their method is the best. The question is how did mom's get here and what can be done to get out of this judgemental zone? In the African culture's they say a child is raised by a village, how can this happen if everyone is peeping through with big judgemental eyes or side eyes other mothers? Similac which is a a baby formula product has a documentary that gathers a group of mothers who share their own story about judgement of how they feel judged and also how they judge other moms. Watch the video and let us know if you can relate. Should you have any ideas that will help mothers feel more supported and understood by other mothers. Let us know if you feel their is a bigger role that could be played by brands in the mom and baby category or some educational system that needs to be done to help moms be kinder to one another?.

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