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The H&M, David Beckham & Kevin Hart Ad

Clothes depict identity and self-expression, how you look is how the world sees you. It is no wonder people have a great big fascination with clothing brands and recently South Africans were delighted about the launch of H & M in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Sandton shopping mall was a human maze of long queues of people who were waiting to shop at discounted prices. We must hand it to the H & M marketing team; they did a great job of ensuring that their launch entered with a BANG! They had street poles advertising, social media, celebrity pre-launches which all was gearing the masses to take notice of this Swedish retail multinational company. The long and short of it is that South Africans are happy to have H & M in its soils. This is why we had to share this advert of David Beckham who is a said to be a living legend according to the Fifa’s 100 list of the world’s greatest living players. If having just David Beckham is not enough, they supplement this MEGA star with another MEGA star, Kevin Hart the undoubtedly talented comedian who is also coming to SA in March, how happy are we right now? Please watch the ad so that we can quickly tell you what we love about it:

What we love about this ad:

  • It is a comedy stint, it is about the clothes but it is not about the clothes

  • It is what we would call hypnotist advertising

  • The ingeniousness of using two different types of body tapes to showcase how the clothes look good for everyone.

Possible downside of the ad:

Only downside is if the people loved H&M and did not like either David or Kevin, this is Co-branding with 3 other brands, H&M, David Beckham and Kevin Hart. With any co-branding it is always risky because you may alienate some of your consumer base.

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