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Working Mom, the superhero

A lot of the research that we conduct involves moms, and we love moms, who doesn't? I am a working mom of one and my little toddler has brought such joy and chaos yet also a great sense of discipline into my life. I suddenly have certainty to expect the unexpected. Yesterday we had a family photoshoot and I had a Pinterest version of how it was all going to play itself out, I should have known better. I wanted that little cute pic of mom and son kissing, did not happen, he kept saying no. I was so dissapointed and desperate and the more desperate I became the more he ran away, this is what toddlers do. They don't compromise, they work according to their own terms. This is what happens on weekends, we catch up on home life and do our monetary free jobs where we get rewarded with kisses and hugs but also food on our face, screams and daily companions to the loo. I don't think that you are ever fully ready to realize that you have to leave the bathroom door open because there will be little feet following you. I have never imagined a love so huge that a person is happy to follow you to the loo? Until you experience this love, you have not opened up the pores (does the heart have pores?) of your heart to a love that is so unconditional, but there is a price to pay for that love, and there are days where you are not willing to pay. I find being a mom exhausting, you are constantly compromising to a little person who doesn't always play fair and if they do and for that moment you sink into a "I have got this on lockdown comfort", you are reminded very quickly that you don't. Another phase comes in and you have to adjust to that, hence they say the grow up so fast and you need to learn just as fast to catch up to the new phase of their explorative journey in life and it will never end.

So if being a mom is exhausting, how about a working mom with a corporate job and is running a business and has great ambition to start their PHD? Well that sentence alone is exhausting! A working mom is basically a superhero in my book, how they manage to transition between the two completely different worlds is beyond me, and how I have been so blessed or foolish enough to join this crazy but yet so prestigious club is beyond me also. Try working mom, small business owner and wife! Yikes, this is a super power and at times you get these super moms who still need to support external members of their families and still keep it together. Depending on each personalities they also have friendships that they need to maintain, social appearances that they need to make, perfect bodies that they need to achieve. Superhero rules though, as hard as it is, I will choose superhero any given day because you are reminded every day about the importance of time and the need to make it count, with every child's milestone you feel your own little sense of achievement, with every completed work project you feel a sense of achievement. You learn the might of your superpower and how your harness it every day. This reminds me of the Alicia Keys song, "Superwoman", yes I am. My favorite, "even when I'm a mess I still put on a vest with an S on my chest, I'm a super woman".

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